Infographic: The Cost Of Living With College Roommates

by | April 7th, 2011

Here’s a breakdown of basically everything you should think about when moving in with roommates for college! The infographic hits all the right notes from splitting up rent among roommates to yearly student budgets! Heck, this infographic was so sweet I printed it out and put it up on my wall! Props to WePay for putting it together! (click the image to super size it!)


College Roommates: The Cost of Living Together

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Splitting Rent With Couples

by | April 6th, 2011

"Being the third wheel in your house can have some benefits"

Every room is unique once you move out of the prison cell dorms, so there is no default pricing for how to split up rent. My roommates and I were fairly close friends when we decided to live together. We agreed to split the rent equally and pick numbers out of a hat in order to see who got which room. I got first pick (win) and P.J. got last pick. I got the entire downstairs—he moved into a glorified closet.

Let’s say you’re moving into a new place with your best friend and his girlfriend. This might raise some issues on its own, so let’s push the stakes higher. Let’s say there are only two rooms available. How do all three of you split the rent so no one feels cheated? Should you split the rent evenly between all three people? The couple only has one room. Could you flip the bill in half? Your picture frames fall down because of their headboard slamming against the shared wall separating your rooms. Other variables that come into play are the amount of windows in a room, a private bathroom, the size of the living space, the closet area, and paper thin walls.

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Rent Split Calculator For Roommates

by | April 6th, 2011

Nothing is harder than trying to split the rent evenly among roommates with different size rooms and what not, until now! Enter SplitTheRent.org, a comprehensive rent calculator that makes it easy to split the rent among roommates. Got different size rooms? Better perks in one room? No problem! SplitTheRent.org’s calculator handles it all! From close friends to Craigslist strangers splitting the rent is easy now with SplitTheRent.org’s roommate rent calculator!

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What Type Of Roommate Are You?

by | April 4th, 2011

What kind of roommate are you? The Freeloader? Maybe the The Ghost? Check out this sweet roommate flow chart to find out!

What kind of roommate are you?


Via: CollegeHumor.com

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Finance And Friendship

by | April 4th, 2011

Rent Stress

"Staying on top of bills is just one more unwanted strain"

75% of incoming college students have never shared a room before. Most have never had to split rent, worry about utilities, or pay for groceries. These aspects of life have never been presented to them since living at home seemed so casual. To most of these students having roommates comes as a very big shock. Almost half of students that split a house in college report occasional to frequent roommate conflicts and as many as 83% of freshman chose to live with a different roommate for their sophomore year.

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