Roommate Fridge Problems? Try The Electrolux Flatshare!

by | April 17th, 2011

Here’s an interesting hip twist on the traditional refrigerator: the stackable Electrolux Flatshare Fridges. Designed for people who share their fridge with others, it splits the fridge up into various compartments, each with their own door. The Flatshare saves energy by not letting out as much cool air whenever the door is opened as the compartments are way smaller than your traditional fridge, and it also keeps your food from getting mixed up with everyone else’s. No more excuses!

The Flatshare Fridge is a stackable modular refrigerator designed to have your own personal “refrigerator space”. Each compartment includes a tall section for bottles or cartons, and a smaller side to keep your vegies crisp. Arguments surrounding hygiene and whose turn it is to clean the fridge are instantly removed as each person can be responsible for their own section.

The modular nature of the Flatshare Fridge means that when someone new moves into the house they can buy an additional unit to go on top of the existing arrangement. Each module can be also be customized with extra features such as bottle openers and whiteboards!

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Tips For Sharing A Refrigerator With Roommates

by | April 17th, 2011

In my first couple years of high school, before we had drivers licenses or common sense, my friends and I would walk to a nearby convenience store for our lunch breaks. There we would stock up on the five food groups; candy, microwave burritos, Doritos, jerky, and slushies. Now in dealing with limited budgets some of my more resourceful/less honest friends found tricks for stretching their allotted lunch budget a little further.

They would stash some of the other food groups at the bottom of their slushie; drop the item in the bottom of the cup, fill the cup with frozen blue raspberry goodness, slap on the lid, check out with the unsuspecting cashier and have a sticky yet free surprise waiting for them at the end of their beverage. It started with something small like a fun size candy bar but as it continuously went unnoticed the slushie fiends got progressively braver with their hidden stashes. It was no doubt theft, but theft without the guilt because it was going right under the cashier’s nose.

Now let me attempt to connect this tale of delinquency to the ever-problematic case of sharing a refrigerator with a roommate. Here it goes…

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Ask Roomeo: Roommate Personal Hygiene In The Bathroom

by | April 16th, 2011

One of our loyal readers, Ceejaa612 shared an interesting situation with us in response to our recent blog post “How to Deal With Roommate Problems” This may happen to many other roomeo’s out there. Let us know what you think and feel free to share some problems you are dealing with in your current living situation. It is okay to let off some steam every once in awhile!

Ceejaa612′s son lives with two female roommates and there has been a “hygiene problem of a delicate nature” in the bathroom of the shared living situation they are currently in. He felt a bit uncomfortable speaking with the girls about the cleanliness of their bathroom during those special days each month but it was something that had gotten out of control and needed to be dealt with. Assuming the girls would understand his concerns, he expressed how he felt about the bathroom. Unexpectedly, the girls were offended by what he said and became upset with him. End result: The girls now make him make him feel unwelcome in their house.

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How To Deal With Roommate Problems

by | April 15th, 2011

"Dealing with roommate problems is simple: COMMUNICATION"

Sharing your space with somebody you’re not use to may not be fun at first, but with a little communication, having a roommate can be an eye-opening experience that can teach you communication skills, and make for a really exciting time. The problem with roommates is that very rarely does one get their “perfect match.” People are always going to argue and have things that bother one another, but with communication, most of these common problems can be fixed.

We asked several students what their most common problems are with their roommates. Here are their responses, and how you can fix some of these issues:

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Living With A Roommate Is So Much Better Than Living Alone!

by | April 14th, 2011

Four short years ago I found myself living in the most awesome situation, ever. I had a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Long Beach, California with my sister!

She’s a year younger than me and, at the time, fresh out of high school. I was the experienced one, having already lived a year in Long Beach with other roommates in a different apartment complex down the street. We had so much fun! Both in college, meeting new people and living it up all on our very own! Long story short, there are some twists and turns before this fairytale ending.

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