420 Friendly Roommates

by | April 20th, 2011

Unexpected events happen in life all the time. Things come up, people change – bottom line is there are always people moving. Roommates often come and go, especially in college. Finding a new house, apartment, flat, etc. usually takes time, effort and a lot of frustration. Anyone who’s living in or has lived in a shared situation can most likely attest to this.

There are obvious things that come up when you are looking for a new place: rent, location, amount of space, etc.. But, there is so much more! Some factors are often overlooked and can ultimately be a deal breaker.

What comes up when you’re looking? We’d love to know, just drop a comment in our box!

So, you’re looking for a new roommate? Maybe its a new house to move into or someone to fill that empty room in your current pad. Do you ever think – Do they smoke pot?

Or maybe you are the one that smokes pot?

This is an issue among many roommates and individuals living in shared living situations. Ideally, before moving into a new place or having a new roommate move in you will need to discuss the 420 factor because, for most, it is illegal.

Open communication between roommates by posting on Roomeo‘s discussion board is the key if the situation arises between roommates who already live together. This will air any roommates concerns or acceptance in regards to marijuana in the household.

But, if the pot is not yours you will not get in trouble?

This is a common misconception among many roommates. The fact is, in most cases every person in the household will be held responsible. Just this past April, posted on 420cali.com, a readers brother was arrested for his roommate growing even though he didn’t have anything to do with it! Read her full story here.

While this serious issue could potentially have consequences, there are tons of people out there that are comfortable with marijuana and everything that comes along with it!

For the 420 friendly folks 420 Room Search is a search tool designed to find roommates who you will be sure to get along with!

Like we said before communication between roommates is key. The more organized the household is by using Roomeo’s discussion board, synced calendars, etc. the less drama among roommates and any and every problem can possibly be avoided!

Stephanie Santolo is the Marketing Director at Roomeo and shared living is the only way of life she knows. Guru to roommates good and bad shes joined the mission to make shared living easy. Follow Stephanie on Twitter @ssantolo