College Roommate Pranks

by | March 30th, 2011

April 1st is coming up real quick and guest what!?! It’s the one day of the year you get a free card to mess with your roommates! Before you do anything too drastic, make sure you have a solid relationship or it could get ugly. If all is good on that front you can’t go wrong with the classic ceiling fan prank.

Grab some glitter and completely carpet the ceiling fan with those little sparkly flakes so when they turn on the fan it’s a complete and utter disaster! If the ceiling fan prank is too much tone it down a little and try the ole’ fill your roommates room to the brim with newspapers prank!

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We’re looking for the best pranks out there for roommates! If you got any roommate prank ideas, leave them in the comment section below.

Derek is Roomeo's Founder and has had his fair share of insane roommates from the slob to the roommate who never had any cash. He's set on a mission to democratize the roommate experience. Follow Derek on Twitter @dereksine

  • Derek Sine The hot door knob prank is money!

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    I heard about a kid who covered his roommate’s bedroom floor with cups of water for April Fool’s Day. There were so many it was practically impossible for him to get to his bed to the hall.